Here is the pricing for purchasing photos from this website.  Prints are no longer available, only high-resolution files.

High resolution photos are available quickly, usually within 24 hours (can take a little longer depending on how busy "real life" is).  What you do is e-mail me the photo(s) you want (IMG_####.jpg) and I upload them to the website for you to download at your convenience.  The high-resolution files average between 2-5 megabytes which is too big to e-mail.  From 2003 Maine till present, they are taken with either a 6 or 12 megapixel Canon SLR camera.

  • High-resolution file for personal use - $25 each
  • High-resolution file for commercial use - E-mail me

Forms of Payment:

  • Check/Money Order/Cashiers Check:  These can be sent to the address listed below.  If you are a competitor, I will not wait for the check to clear to ship.  If you are a "3rd Party" buyer, I will have to wait 7 days for the check to clear.  Please make the check out to "Peter Kuncis" and mail it to:  Peter Kuncis  -  87 Ardsley Circle  -  Brockton, MA 02302
  • PayPal:  This is the preferred form of payment.   I get payment quicker, you get your photo quicker.  If you pay via PayPal, you can send payment to